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St. Thomas Community Church

"Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, 'I am the light of the world.
Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life.'"

---- John, 8:12.

Welcome to the St. Thomas Community Church of the Internet, an independent nondenominational Christian Church. Thank you for coming here to be with us today! In this day and age, it is often difficult for people to reserve a certain time each week to attend a church service. That is why we are here - so that you may come in and worship at any time of any day. Join us each Sunday, or any time during the week, in celebrating the majesty of Our Lord through the sacrament of Communion.

You will also find areas to send us a prayer request, which will be sent out to all members of the church so that they may join in prayer on your behalf, and a library of selections from religious and inspirational literature. Feel free to send us an article, essay, poem, or any other piece for inclusion. Also, if you feel drawn to the St. Thomas Church, you can become a member. There are no tithes or other financial obligations, just a belief in Christ and a wish to become part of our community.

We thank you again for being with us today!

--- Rev. J. Wright, pastor.

The St. Thomas Community Church of the Internet has now been in existence for more than a year. Many of you have become members of our little Internet church, and for that I am more than happy. What started as a personal project to expand the faith has become an actual presence. There have even been questions as to our expansion.

I know that for those of you that have followed us there have been times of lapse. Like everyone, I have other responsibilities. However, now that more than a year has passed and I see that this personal project is a viable endeavour, with many of you as active members, and others of you as active people requesting prayer and intervention, I promise that this site will be updated continually.

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Attend Worship Services - For the week of the first Sunday after Easter.
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